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                    This is the begining of your journey to positive changes!

What are you looking to change? What challenges has life given you lately?

I urge you to take control of making changes in your life. Whether its addiction, parenting, relationships, life changes and adjustments, or trauma that has entered your life, what you do with it from here is your choice. Sometimes, we are the victim. Sometimes we are the cause. Either way, you are at a struggling fork in the road of life and need a helping hand to help you see things differently and choose a positive path.

Counseling has been well researched as an effective tool to help people of all ages be able to cope with life and make neccessary changes to better your life. As you seek out professional help, keep a few things in mind.

First of all, make sure the counselor you find is a good 'fit' for you individually. Counselors can be like a good pair of jeans and sometimes, you need to continue seeking to find the 'right' one for you.  Don't be afraid to discuss this with the counselor you choose. It's important to give counseling a try with the therapist you choose. It may take more than one session for you to be totally comfortable with that therapist. didn't get into your life situation overnight and attending just a few sessions may not get you out of your life situation. Often times, we find ourselves in situations that have been building for many months or even years. Its important to rememer that changing habits, addictions, relationships, parenting styles and healing can take several months. patient with yourself. Counseling often is a multi-step process. Sometimes, talking to a counselor for one or two sessions can be enough to help you through. Often times, it is a multi-step process. Be patient with youself as you are learning new things and healing. Again, don't be afraid to discuss a timeline with your counselor. After one or two sessions, your counselor should have a close idea to how long they think it will take.

Fourth and final...the hardest work will take place outside of the counseling session. Seeing a counselor for an hour a week is limited and the concerns you wilil process with your counselor in that hour, will need to continue to be 'put into action' outside of the counseling session hour. Depending on how much effort and time you put into healing and changing outside of the counseling, can help determine the pace at which you feel you have completed counseling.

I hope you feel that counseling will benefit you and that you are willing and READY to make changes to better your life.  A counselor is not a 'friend' but a supportive role to help you find, create, heal or change you into a better you.

Best wishes to your future!
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