about me

Ashley Duea, LMFT


I am a licensed marital and family therapist in the Great state of Oklahoma! I have been licensed since 2010  and have been practicing psychotherapy for 7 years. I currently am a member of the AAMFT and a member of the OKAMFT.  My license is #959.

I pride myself on helping others and improving their current life situations. I've always been a helper, ever since I was little. The photo above, is of a mission trip I took to Honduras in 2008. I have a strong connection to missions and an overall general helping spirit. I work hard in session, coming alongside those clients who are striving to make positive changes in their life. The real work is done by my clients. I am an assistant in the process of people changing their lives for the better from mood problems, family/parenting issues, addiction and other problems that occur along the journey of life.

How am I different than other therapists?
I enjoy letting the client determine their own outcomes. I do not judge any personal decisions made in counseling. I do not encourage divorce. I simply come alongside my clients to assist them in determining the best future for them. I focus on real world solutions and give a perspective that may better help the client move forward in their progress. Resolution of problems, restoration of relationships, and reformation of the person, are some of the goals I strive to instill in my clients.

I have a special place in my heart for military families. The effects of trauma, death, combat, uprooting families, and constant changes will significantly impact families involved with military. Choosing the right counselor to help with these military issues can make the process easier. I have a experience as a military spouse and have a limited understanding of the challenges that families face. Living in a state with muiltiple military bases, I get the great opportunity to serve those that serve our country.

I am also unique because I have counseling experience with pregnant and parenting teenagers. I have personal experience in this unique life changing event and some of the extreme difficulties that teenagers face when going through this situation. Having a support system around the teen can make a huge impact. It may appear as if this is a dark time for a teenager and family, but there is hope during this changing time. Attending counseling can help the teenager adjust to the coming changes and/or cope with the future, all while continuing their education and achieving their life goals.

I continually educate myself to become a better, more well rounded counselor, to accomodate the changing pace of the world we live in.

I encourage you to consider me as your counselor if you feel we may be a good fit.

Best wishes,

Ashley Duea, LMFT

Current Credentialed Insurances:

HealthChoice Oklahoma
First Health/Coventry
Self-Pay/Cash Sessions at $95/hour

Please verify your insurance eligibility and benefits before attending session, as you the client are responsible for payment. I will bill your insurance. You may have a deductible or copay that you will need to verify by calling your insurance company.
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